Axiz Group is a full service marketing company, founded in 1995, that has become one of the nation’s leading suppliers to promotional merchandise agencies worldwide. Working with businesses large and small, from concept to delivery, Axiz Group is dedicated to providing powerful and cost-effective promotional and merchandise solutions that work for you. As a full service promotional marketing company, we understand the value of developing just the right merchandise and promotions to blend with and extend your company's marketing goals. Our expertise includes but is not limited to...
Art and Graphic Design
Premiums and Incentives
Gift with Purchase
Purchase with Purchase
Direct Importing
Global Distribution
Global Sourcing
Our Philosophy is simple... We believe in partnerships...
We perform as a partner, not just in designing promotions and merchandise but also in designing complete marketing programs to effectively promote our clients. Axiz Group is a customer driven company focused attentively on listening, lending and communication with integrity and honesty. What we deliver is the BEST in merchandise and services to our clients.
Creativity affects everything we do: Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, Inventory Processes, Distribution,
Customer Service and more.
By looking at our clients wants and needs from every angle, Axiz Group is dedicated to providing creative and successful options and solutions for your merchandising and promotional demands.

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients.

A relationship with Axiz Group means accessibility, not only to our promotional and merchandising ideas but to everyone and every aspect of our business itself. We work tirelessly to give our clients a productive and prosperous relationship that will be nurtured from concept, to delivery and onward into the future.